Baking Tips

A collection of tips I have gathered over time that will continue to grow….


To aid in getting an homogeneous batter to ensure it bakes the way you intend:

  • Let all your ingredients come to room temperature first
  • Don’t overmix, also don’t undermix
  • Sift your flour

Simply to make life easier:

  • Measure your ingredients beforehand
  • Wear an apron
  • Have plenty of towels around
  • Make sure there is room in the dishwasher or sink before making a mess
  • If you are using chocolate, get the dirty dishes/rags/etc into water before it hardens or, even better, clean it all the way.

During Baking:

To get a flat top cake:

  • Use heating cores
  • Use bake even strips
  • Use the right amount of leaveners

To not end up with a cake stuck to the pan:

  • Put parchment circles in the bottom of the pans (or sheets if using a rectangular pan)
  • Grease and Flour the pan. If you only use grease, it could get absorbed into the batter and then not be useful anymore. You can buy bottles that are 2-in-1 that work great.

Layer Cake Assembly:

  • Freeze the layers first. This makes cutting them and frosting them easier.
  • First, place your bottom layer on a cardboard cake circle. This will make transporting it around the kitchen and everywhere else easier.
  • Use a turntable cake stand. This makes frosting and decorating easier.
  • Brush the layers with simple syrup (1 part sugar : 1 part water) before stacking to help keep them moist.
  • If using a runny filling, make a border of frosting around the outside of it to help prevent it from running completely off the cake.
  • Finish assembly and decorating before placing it on its final display stand. This will keep the display stand clean so the only focus is the pretty cake.

Transporting (if taking it outside your home):

To make sure it doesn’t smudge or fall:

  • Don’t put it on the car seat (which has a slight tilt), but instead placing it on the car floor.
  • Make sure if it slides and hits the edge of your container, the frosting/decorations won’t smudge. You can always tape it down so it won’t slide.
  • Make sure whatever container you put it in, it is also easy to take out.