Hello! I love making these chocolates and love even more the happiness they can bring people. I appreciate anyone who supports my passion. Anything purchased can be picked up in person in the SF Bay Area. Message me to arrange when/where. Thank you!

Barefoot (80%)

Bean Origin: Bolivia Flavor Notes: Dried fruits and cashews 2.4oz (68g)


Treehouse (75%)

Bean Origin: Peru | Flavor Notes: Plum and Honeysuckle | 2.4oz (68g)


Mad Hatter’s Tea (70%)

Bean Origin: Ghana | Flavor Notes: Smoky cinnamon and sweet dates


Campfire (45%)

Bean Origin: Dominican Republic | Flavor Notes: Creamy caramel


Neema (75%)

Bean Origin: Tanzania | Flavor Notes: Deeply chocolately with cashew, brown sugar, and a hint of lemon


Tam (75%)

Bean Origin: Vietnam | Flavor Notes: Hints of raisin, walnut, and coffee


Adama (75%)

Bean Origin: Ivory Coast | Flavor Notes: Pumpkin pie


Evita (75%)

Bean Origin: Columbia | Flavor Notes: Honey & Malt


Hot Chocolate for 2


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