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Maple Hazelnut & Pomegranate Christmas Chocolates

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! If you have read my posts from the beginning, you know that last Christmas was the start of everything. Last year was when I made a cheesecake with a big chocolate bow on top - my first big project and my first post. It was also when I got … Continue reading Maple Hazelnut & Pomegranate Christmas Chocolates

Best Cookies in the World + Brownies

I have recently discovered my new favorite cookie recipe. Food 52's Chocolate Truffle Cookies. These taste basically like melted chocolate and are in fact made mostly from melted chocolate so no surprise. So, if you looove chocolate like me, these are the perfect cookie for you. They are unlike any cookie. I couldn't stop eating … Continue reading Best Cookies in the World + Brownies

National Souffle Day

Today is National Soufflé Day and I celebrated early by making chocolate soufflé using a recipe from Valrhona’s cookbook, Chocolate Master Class: Essential Recipes and Techniques. A close friend gave me this book several years ago and it has really upped my dessert game. If you’re interested in baking, I highly recommend it. Seriously, sometimes I sit on … Continue reading National Souffle Day

Chocolate-Mango Entremet

 This chocolate-mango entremet (“multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts”) was my cake of choice for this Valentine’s Day! This was my first time trying to make one, and while it didn’t come out quite like I’d pictured, it tasted absolutely amazing! Most of it was multiple variations of chocolate flavor, of course … Continue reading Chocolate-Mango Entremet

National Hot Chocolate Day + Best Whipped Cream

Today is National Hot Chocolate Day! For me, every day is hot chocolate day, but for the rest of the world, it’s an excuse to celebrate the best beverage in existence. For the past week, Vancouver and New York have been holding hot chocolate festivals. Amazing! I wish there was one close to me… Hot … Continue reading National Hot Chocolate Day + Best Whipped Cream