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Chocolate Rose

The moment I first saw a chocolate rose, I was consumed with the need to make one as soon as possible. I was originally going to give myself a little break after my nephew’s party, but I just couldn’t help myself – next morning, I sleepily rolled out of bed, had leftover cake for breakfast … Continue reading Chocolate Rose

1st Birthday Cake

Even more January busyness! My baby nephew turned one this weekend (so, officially not a baby anymore!). My sister wanted to have a big party for him, so lucky me, I got to bake TWO cakes for her (my next post covers the other cake)! I recently made a list of the different baking techniques I want … Continue reading 1st Birthday Cake

Wedding Cookie Dough Bonbons

My brother got married!! The wedding was so much fun – a super-pretty ceremony followed by a blast of a reception! And since my boyfriend and I are ballroom dancers, we got to show off a little bit… My boyfriend also made sure to dance with all the girls in my family, which I’m sure … Continue reading Wedding Cookie Dough Bonbons

Christmas Bow Cheesecake

I consider the Christmas Bow Cheesecake to be my first major project. The original plan was to bake a regular cheesecake and make it fancy with a big fabric ribbon bow on top. But as I was watching a video tutorial on tying the perfect bow, my boyfriend said something crazy and a little mind-blowing. … Continue reading Christmas Bow Cheesecake